Earl Ninsom: Executive chef-founder

Bangkok, Thailand

Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. He grew up cooking since an early age, making curry paste and dipping sauce are always part of his family dinner. His mom would send him to get ingredients from a neighborhood market every week. He cooked his 1st dish at 8 years old. During summer break, his family takes him to visit his grandparent in Suratthani and learn to cook Southern Thai food from the small charcoal stove. Also, visit another grandmother in Lopburi province to have a very delicious old school Central Thai style cooking, his grandmother’s sweet pork belly dish is still in his memories.

Earl went on to graduate with a business degree and attended grad school at one of Thailand’s top universities, studying International Economics. He then traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia and France, working as senior merchandiser for Groups Casino, France.

After falling in love with food, he decided to give up a career in business and come to Portland to work in the restaurant world, finally opening his first family restaurant in 2008. He has helped open eight restaurants in the Portland metro area, all of which are still operating to this day. He currently a chef-owner of Langbaan, Hat Yai, Paa Dee and partner at Kim Jong Smokehouse.

On his free time, he went to stage at the restaurants including Nahm and Bo.lan in Bangkok, Thailand and some other local places in Portland such as Le pigeon, Ava gene’s and Genoa.