Earl Ninsom: Executive chef-founder

Bangkok, Thailand

Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. He grew up cooking since an early age, making curry paste and dipping sauce are always part of his family dinner. His mom would send him to get ingredients from a neighborhood market every week. He cooked his 1st dish at 8 years old. During summer break, his family takes him to visit his grandma’s in Suratthani (in the south) and learn to cook Southern style food from the small charcoal cooking stove. Also, visit another grandma in Lopburi province to have a very delicious old school Central Thai style cooking, his grandma’s sweet pork belly dish is still in his memories.

After graduate from business school in Bangkok in 2000, he came to the state to work with his uncle in Los Angeles who has a very delicious Thai Issan restaurant. He started from cleaning everything, washing dishes, wiping table, mopping floor and helping them prep.

He became more obsess about cooking and start reading more cookbooks and ask to stage at the restaurants including Nahm and Bo.lan in Bangkok, Thailand. When, he went back to Thailand he would learn from a friend’s sister and her mom who used to cook in The Thai palace.

In 2008 he helped his family start Thai cottage restaurant, now run by his brother & sister. In 2009 he co-found Mee-Sen Thai eatery and co-found PaaDee restaurant in 2011. He helped designed & builded Tarad Thai market, which run by his brother in 2013. LangBaan is his creation in February 2014. He opened Hat Yai, a southern Thai restaurant focused, in summer 2016 and co-found Kimjongsmokehouse in late fall 2016.

Rassamee Ruaysuntia: Curry master

Buriram Province, Thailand

Born and raised in Buriram province (Northeastern of Thailand). She has worked in several of Thailand’s best restaurants including Asia’s No.1 ‘Nahm’ and Bangkok top 10 restaurants at Appia Italian restaurant and Soul food mahanakorn. She moved to Bangkok when she was 15 and start working at one of the most famous traditional Thai dessert house. Then, went on to work in a Japanese restaurant and later on was hired to be one of the opening cook at Soul food mahanakorn, then was hired to work at Nahm. Later on, she was part of the opening team of Appia before decided to come to Portland in October 2013.