Miang som

Cara cara orange, shrimp, peanuts, coconut, betel leaf, fish sauce caramel

Kanom krok

Hokkaido scallop, coconut cream, lemongrass, lime leaf, crispy rice cup

Ka Nom Pang Na Goong Mung Korn

Lobster, Thai aioli, five spice brioche, ginger, thai chili, jalapeno, sumac

Khao Tom Plaa

Swordfish in rice soup, matsutake, ginger, chinese donut, Thai XO sauce

Yum Goong Sod

Spot prawn, jellyfish, Chinese sausage, cucumber, brussel sprout, finger lime, herb puree

Yum Hang Wua

Oxtail, tendon chip, mala spice, pearl onion, greens, golden and red beet

Chu Chee Nuea

Dry aged New York steak, Thai cassia leaf curry, bok choy, yam, chanterelle

Muu Pad Nhum Leab

Ground pork, black olive, fermented tofu, garlic, little gem, radicchio, egg, apple

Plaa Nueng Ma-now

Petrale sole, green onion, ginger, spicy lime broth

Khao Pad Man Nuea

Beef fat fried rice, ginger, green onions

Ka Nom Salie Sapparod

Pineapple cake, five spice custard, cured egg yolk, walnut

Khao Neow Peak

Forbidden rice pudding, red bean semifreddo, grass jelly, quince



Chef team: Kitsanaruk Ketkuaviriyanot, Daniel Kim, Jon Maristela, Tanya

Pastry Chef: Maya Erickson

Service Team: Cira, Jonathan, Rebecca, Connor

Wine Pairing: Dana Frank, Sommelier

Cocktails: Eric Nelson



** Sorry, no substitutions. Many dishes contain fermented fish, shellfish, seafood, cilantro, red bell pepper and nuts, even when not listed. Please let us know if you have allergies or food sensitivities. Consuming raw/undercooked meats (cooked to order), poultry, seafood or egg may increase your risk of foodborne illness.