Summer 2022 | Inspired By Thailand Travel

Miang som

Cara cara orange, shrimp, peanuts, coconut, betel leaf, fish sauce caramel

Kanom krok

Hokkaido scallop, coconut cream, lemongrass, lime leaf, crispy rice cup

Ma Hor

Chicken, peanuts, shallots, palm sugar, Thai chili, pineapple

Tom Gati

All things coconut, clams, heart of palm, sorrel

Yum Nua

Beef carpaccio, frisee, green mango, coconut creme fraiche chips

Yam Kor Muu

Iberico pork jowl, carrot, nectarine, mizuna, tito leaf, pla ra

Gaeng Luang Plaa Lae Khai Plaa

King salmon & salmon roe, gang luang curry, ripe papaya, taro stem, wood sorrel

Nam Prik Nakron Baan

Relish of smoked trout, halibut collar, makrut lime, fried betel leaf, greens

Pad Kralam

Charred sweet cabbage, coconut cream, fennel frond, fried curry paste, anchovy

Khao Man Gati

Butterfly pea flower coconut rice, toasted coconut, fried shallot

Cake Baitoey

Pandan genoise, lemongrass & lime cream,  jasmine rice ice cream, jasmine meringue

Wun Khao Kua

Toasted rice & coconut caramel panna cotta, peach, ginger



Chef team: Kitsanaruk Ketkuaviriyanot, Daniel Kim, Jon Maristela, William Harper Tanya

Pastry Chef: Maya Erickson

Service Team: Cira Hamlin, Jonathan Staehr, Rebecca Nguyen, Connor Morales

Wine Pairing: Dana Frank, Sommelier

Cocktails: Eric Nelson, Chazz Madrigal



** Sorry, no substitutions. Many dishes contain fermented fish, shellfish, seafood, cilantro, red bell pepper and nuts, even when not listed. Please let us know if you have allergies or food sensitivities. Consuming raw/undercooked meats (cooked to order), poultry, seafood or egg may increase your risk of foodborne illness.